iBend – The iPhone Video Stand

The iBend stand from Widget Factory is a pretty nifty, little accessory for your iPhone or iPod Touch if you use your device to watch videos. The main selling point here is that the stand is superslim. It’s a flat sheet of flexible plastic that you can store in your wallet or the back of your iPhone’s protective cover (slip it between the cover and the back of your iPhone) and bend into a stand when needed.

Use your iBend on a plane, bus, or train – whilst lifting weights, eating breakfast, waiting at the sushi bar, getting your teeth cleaned, at a business meeting, sitting in traffic, serving on a jury or practicing yoga.

The slenderness of the iBend allows you to easily store it in your wallet, pocket or purse so you’ll always have one handy. I personally love all the cool designs that they come in, and the convenience factor of being able to keep one in your wallet. Definitely going to pick a couple of these up to test out. I’ll let you all know how they work out.



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