GeoHot Releases Blackra1n Jailbreak for iPhone/iPod

iPhone OS hacker, GeoHot, released Blackra1n this weekend, a new jailbreak utility for iPhone OS 3.1.2.

The new Windows-only utility follows on the heels of Purplera1n and you can download it now. Windows users can use it to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.2 on all iPhone and iPod Touch models regardless of their hardware generation. Using the application is simple. You just plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch using the standard USB sync cable and follow the instructions below.

The first time I tried to jailbreak it using this quick hack I kept running into issues.

Here is the fix if you keep experiencing the “Running…” issue, where your iPhone stays in DFU mode and Blackra1n gets stuck on “Running…”

  • Ensure that your iPhone is on. You can see your Springboard (icons). Plug your
    into your computer and ensure that

    iTunes recognizes it and preform a sync/backup/update.

  • Once you have completed this, close iTunes completely. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and check your task manager to ensure that any iTunes processes are closed, such as iPodService.exe, TunesHelper.exe, etc. These must be turned off.
  • Ensure that your copy of blackra1n.exe is located in C:\blackra1n.exe.
  • Right click blackra1n.exe. If running Windows 7 choose properties, and then compatibility. Choose to run in Windows XP SP3 Mode.
  • Right Click blackra1n.exe and choose Run As. Chose the Administrator account and enter in the password (if required)
  • Once blackra1n.exe is running, click Make it Ra1n.
  • You should see your iPhone automatically reboot and show a usb cable and iTunes, your typical restore/dfu screen.
  • You should see blackra1n.exe change to Running.. and GeoHotz face will appear on your
    . It will automatically reboot when done and that is when you should see the “Jailbreaking complete” dialog that likes to appear when you manually restart after no response.
  • Once your iPhone restarts install Cydia (and only Cydia, installing anything else will cause this to corrupt and you will have to restore and do everything from scratch)
  • Enjoy the freedom of a Jailbroken iPhone!

These steps worked for me after many tries and many failures. Hopefully they will work for you.

Download Blackra1n


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