Google Wave Giveaway!

Its been a while since I have posted anything on here. There are so many things that I would love to post about but so little time right now. One of my New Years resolutions is to be a little more consistent with my blog posts. So stay tuned!

But since it is the season of giving I’m giving away 15 Google Wave invites! All I am asking you to do is leave a comment on this post and the first 15 will receive an invite. Yes its that easy!

Now what is Google Wave?

According to Google, Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

Uses for Google Wave

At the moment Google Wave’s purpose has yet to be defined. Its not email. Its not chat. Its not social-networking. Its all of the above. I guess its just a Wave. You can organize events, use it for group collaboration, photo sharing, brainstorming, and more using extensions. Extensions are the equivalent of addons in Firefox. They are just things that you can add to your Waves to make them cooler and more useful.

In conclusion, Google Wave is probably one of those tools that is so ahead of its time that we do not know what to do with it. We are so used to using a certain tool a certain way. Email and Chat will always be a back and forth mode of communication in our minds, and Wave changes that. If you are confused while reading this then you are normal. Wave is something that needs to be experienced. So hurry up and grab your invite so you can dive in! All it takes is a comment!

For more details on Google Wave check out the official site and videos here


  1. Andrew December 22nd

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    Sounds interesting to me! I hadn’t heard about the wave but I’ve enjoyed almost everything has put out. Thanks for the heads up

  2. c los October 10th

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    Thanks, hope I get this

  3. Christopher Harry December 6th

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    I’m in.
    And thanks for the firefox icon fix.

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